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Bid Packet-LH18-203

The following project has been reviewed and approved for advertisement by Michigan SHPO.  The mandatory site visit by bidding contractors was held on May 17th.  Boating conditions were not ideal, but there were still 4 potential contractors making the trip.  We thank them for their time.  Sealed bids are due on May 31st at noon, call 98-255-7964 to make arrangements for drop off.

Sealed bids packets will be opened on June 1st at 1 pm, at the Alpena County Library.  The following information will be left up on the site for any of the 4 companies to access until May 31st.   

  • Project description and specifications in RFP
  • Supplementary Conditions
  • Certifications Regarding Debarment
  • Drawings of Fog Signal building
  • Victorian metal shingle specifications as provided by Berridge Manufacturing
  • Sample of contract to be utilized A101- 2017


 PROJECT LH18-203​- Work included; The Fog Signal Building will be rehabilitated by replacing the existing asphalt shingle roof with a new historically correct Victorian metal shingle roof.
 1.) Licenses:​ Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining any and all licenses or permits required by law, either federal, state or local.

 2.) Compliance​: Contractor compliance is required with all applicable federal, state, or local laws, rules and regulations.  All work shall be performed according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings (revised 1990), and with the Department of the Interior’s Preservation Briefs for structural components considered historically significant. All applicable safety standards will be adhered to.
3.) Provide a signed  copy of the US Department of Interior Certifications Regarding Debarment, Suspensions and Other Responsibility Matters, Drug-Free Workplace Requirements and Lobbying.
4.) Provide a copy of proof of Insurance Certification, and shall to the extent allowed by law, indemnify and hold harmless TBIPS, the project owner, Alpena Charter Township, the property owner.  Contractor’s liability insurance shall include all major divisions of coverage, and be on a comprehensive basis including: a.) Premises Operations b.) Independent contractor’s Protective c.) Products and Completed Operations d.) Personal Injury Liability with Employment Exclusion deleted. e.) Owner, non-owned and hired motor vehicles, watercraft, or equipment f.) Broad form Property Damage including Completed Operations
5.) Listing of experience working on historic rehabilitation and grant projects, and contact references.
 6.) Project management and oversight shall be provided by the contractor, and coordinate with the TBIPS project manager, or his designee. Periodic inspections will take place.
 7.) Contractor shall furnish bonds covering the faithful performance of the Contract and payment of  obligations arising. A 100% Payment Bond and a 100% Performance Bond equal to the amount of the project shall be delivered to the Owner within 10 days of the award of the contract, and shall remain in effect until project close out.  Work will be written as a firm, fixed-price contract on AIA Document #A101,”Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor”, where the Basis of payment is a stipulated sum.
                                            ​LH18-203- Page 1  

 8.) Supplementary Conditions to the General Contract that modify the “General Conditions of the Contract for Construction”, will also apply.  Where a portion of the General Conditions is modified or deleted, by these Supplementary Conditions, the unaltered portions of the General Conditions shall ​remain in effect.
1.) All mobilization and demobilization to and from Thunder Bay Island for all employees, equipment, materials and refuse shall be provided by the Contractor.
2.) TBIPS agrees to assist the Contractor with establishing a staging area and dock located at 8144 North Point Road, Alpena, MI. 
  ON SITE EQUIPMENT:   1.) Contractor shall provide all scaffolding and any equipment necessary to complete the project in a safety compliant manner.
2.) TBIPS agrees to extend the use any equipment already on site such as : generator, ladders, tools,  to the Contractor to aid in the completion of the project. Inspection of equipment to be done on site.
 3.) The portable toilet on site may be utilized by the construction crew. Picnic tables both in the Interior and exterior of the Keeper’s Quarters may be used. 
                                                                                 PHASE 1
1.) To accurately expose and  assess the condition of the structural framing and sheathing the center section of the fog signal building interior metal ceiling (approximately 12’ x 30’) must be removed prior to the exterior roof work commencing.
2.) It is presumed the interior ceiling panels are coated with lead paint.  Contractor shall adhere to all lead paint issues using appropriate procedures as prescribed by law, and employing personnel trained and licensed in such procedures. 3.) All existing materials to be removed shall be handled properly, removed from the island, and disposed of properly.
4.) If additional metal ceiling panels are required to be removed to help facilitate repair or replacement of any structural framing, TBIPS project should be contacted prior to removal.
                                                                                       PHASE 2
1.) Remove the historic metal ladder attached to the north side of the roof for construction, and replace when the roof is completed.                                                                                                            ​

LH18-203 Page 2

2.) Remove and dispose of the existing asphalt shingle roof and underlayment.  All existing materials to be removed shall be taken off the island and disposed of properly.  
3.) Remove and replace any deteriorated roof structural framing.  New members shall match the size, number, and placement of the existing structural members (assume 50% replacement).  All existing members to be removed shall be taken off the island and disposed of properly. Provide cost per lineal foot.
4.) Remove and replace any deteriorated or damaged roof sheathing. Supply and install new roof sheathing to match the existing material, identified as #4 grade, 1”x12”.  Assume 100% replacement until Phase 1 inspection can verify the condition of existing sheathing.  Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation does not recommend stripping the roof of sound historic             material such as wood. All existing materials to be removed shall be taken off the island and disposed of properly. Provide cost per square foot.
 5.)  Supply and install new Titanium PSU 30 peel and stick, non-granulated ice-guard  underlayment. Installation done according to manufacturer instructions. a.) Sweep deck area clean prior to installing underlayment. b.) If nails or fasteners are needed, use galvanized or coated fasteners with galvanized cap washers to prevent tear through.

6.) Supply and install Berridge Manufacturing Co. Victorian style metal shingles, 9”x12” coverage, in standard color,”Colonial Red”, Kynar 500 finish.  Manufacturer requires 4-5 week lead time for shingle delivery.
7.)  Supply and install all necessary trim and  associated flashing pieces according to manufacturer’s instructions        

8.) Contact Berridge Manufacturing regional associate to coordinate necessary steps required to ensure maximum warranty of product. Contractor to provide roof warranty at the conclusion of the project.

9.) Utilize all drawings and installation instructions as provided by Berridge Manufacturing, and included within Packet LH18-203.
10.) Do not permit unnecessary walking on the finished roof.  Require all personnel to wear rubber soled shoes or boots when walking on the finished roof.

11.)  All materials stored at the project site must be covered, or stored temporarily inside the fog signal building, and Contractor shall assume full responsibility for the protection and safe-keeping of products under this contract stored at the site.
12.)  Any excess construction materials remaining at the completion of the project will either be edited to project invoice, or become property of TBIPS.
 13.)  Work site is to be cleared of any debris associated with the project, and the area left in the  same condition to that prior to the project and approved by the TBIPS project manager. Any damage to the site shall be repaired to its’ original condition by the Contractor before final payment is made to the contract.

LH18-203 Page 3


1.) All request for payment by the Contractor shall be accompanied by invoices for materials or services directly associated with the project, payroll reporting for personnel assigned to the project. Audit review will be conducted by TBIPS Treasurer, CFNEM finance director, and Alpena Charter Township Clerk prior to disbursement of payment request.
2.)  Contractor shall allow for ten (10) working days before receiving payment.
3.)  Owner shall withhold 5% of contract total until final inspection and approval has been completed by representatives from Michigan State Historic Preservation Office overseeing the grant funding source for this project; Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program.  Funding for this program comes from the sale of Michigan’s speciality lighthouse license plate available through the Secretary of State.  Grant close out date is September 30, 2018.
All inquiries concerning this project can be addressed by contacting the Project Manager for TBIPS, Don June, at (989) 464-8411, or email to : ​​.
__________________________________________ Don June, TBIPS Project Manager



The following supplements modify the “General Conditions of the Contract for Construction”, AIA document A201, 2007.  Where a portion of the General Conditions is modified or deleted by these Supplementary Conditions, the unaltered portions of the General Conditions shall remain in effect.
Article 1: General Provisions-  In the event of conflicts or discrepancies among the Contract Documents, interpretations will be based on the following priorities: .1  Modifications. .2  The Agreement. .3  Addenda, with those of later date having precedence over those of earlier date. .4  The Supplementary Conditions. .5  The General Conditions of the Contract for Construction. .6  Division 1 of the Specifications. .7  Drawings and Divisions VS5-VC84 of the Specifications from manufacturer. .8  Other documents specifically enumerated in the Agreement as part of the Contract Documents.
Incase of an inconsistency between the Drawings and the Specifications or within either document not clarified by addendum, the better quality or greater quantity of Work shall be provided in accordance with the Owner’s interpretation.
Article 3:Contractor-  After the Contract has been executed, the Owner will consider requests for the substitution of products in place of those specified only under the conditions set forth in the General Requirements.  By making requests for substitutions, the Contractor: .1 represents that it has personally investigated the proposed substitute product and determined that it is equal or superior in all respects to that specified; .2  represents that it will provide the same warranty for the substitution as it would have provided for the product specified; .3  certifies that the cost data presented is complete and includes all related costs for the sub-     stituted product and for Work that must be changed as a result of the substitution, and waives all claims for additional costs related to the substitution that subsequently become apparent; and .4  shall coordinate the installation of the accepted substitute, making such changes as may be required for the Work to be complete in all respects.
Article 10:Protection of Persons and Property- 10.3 Hazardous materials.  The Owner has disclose to the Contractor the existence of materials Known to be hazardous.  The Contractor is required to comply with all applicable statutes

10.3 cont’d: in working with such materials, and is not entitled to stop the Work, or to require the Owner to assist in any clean-up of hazardous materials. All proper safety precaution Will be the responsibility of the Contractor.
Article 11:Insurance and Bonds- 11.1 Contractor’s Liability Insurance:  The Contractor shall deliver to the Owner within 3 days of      The signing of the contract certified copies of liability insurance coverages of : Contractual Liability​ (Hold Harmless Coverages): a. Bodily Injury:  $1,000,000  each occurrence b. Property Damage:  $1,000,000  each  $1,000,000   aggregate                          ​Personal Injury, ​with Employment Exclusion deleted: a. $1,000,000 aggregate Comprehensive or Commercial General Liability ​including Premises Operations;  Independent Contractor’s Protective; Products and Completed Operations; Broad  Form Property Damage: a. Bodily Injury: $1,000,000  each occurrence  $1,000,000  aggregate  property Damage: $1,000,000 each occurrence       $1,000,000 aggregate  c. Products and Completed Operations to be maintained for one year after final Payment. d. Property Damage Liability Insurance shall provide X, C, and U coverage. e. Broad Form Property Damage Coverage shall include Completed Operations.
Article 12: Uncovering and Correction of Work- Upon request by the Owner and prior to the expiration of one year from the date of  Substantial Completion, the Owner will conduct and the Contractor shall attend a meeting with the Owner, and SHPO to review the project.  
                      ​ END OF SUPPLEMENTARY CONDITIONS