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Recommendation for By-Law changes 

During the Thunder Bay Island Preservation Society Feb. 23, 2016 proposed changes to the by-laws were discussed. 

Article VI  6.04    No officer of the Society shall authorize the expenditure of any monies, or to cause to spend any monies of the Society in excess of a budgeted amount without the approval of the Board of Directors. 

Addition to 6.04 -  6.04a to read  

No Board authorized Restricted funds shall be spent without 2/3 Board approval. 

Send me an email and let me know if you agree with the above change, or have other suggestions. 

                                          Thank you,  

                                          David Skibbe


Good news and glad tiddings (No subject)

                                                        Susan Skibbe <>
                                                                        Thu 12/11/2014, 1:34 PM
Good afternoon all,
It's always great to receive good news this time of year, and it gives me pleasure to share it with all the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse supporters.  As you were all informed in October, I applied for a grant from the Community Foundation of Northeast Michigan for the black wrought iron sign posts for the beautiful commemorative we received at the transfer ceremony from the Bureau of Land Management.  The grant was approved and is being fully funded as per the request!  What a nice Christmas message.  We will discuss the final design and ponder the installation requirements during the winter months, hopefully, we'll have everything ready to go when the island work season begins in 2015.
Wishing you all a joyous season, and a happy healthy New Year!
Sue Skibbe






FW: National Maritime Heritage Grant HSR Application (No subject)

Susan Skibbe <>
Thu 9/11/2014, 9:35 AM
Nancy Hammond (;
Good Morning Everyone,
I wanted to share the good news that we have made it through the first round of the grant process!  Now on to the federal review process, and hopefully since they worked closely with SHPO to customize the grant, we will have a historic structures report in our hands in 2015.
So many good things are happening for us, and we should all take pride in the fact that we have been steadfast in our commitment to preserving Thunder Bay Island. For now we need to focus on the transfer of ownership ceremony scheduled for Oct. 25th.
Have a great day!
Sue Skibbe

Subject: National Maritime Heritage Grant HSR Application
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 22:57:11 +0000

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for submitting your grant applications for the opportunity to partner with us on a National Maritime Heritage Grant application.  This was an unexpected extra step we had to take in the application process in order to use our MLAP funds as match for the national grant.  However, I think in the long run it was a good step to take and will make our application for the grant even stronger.  I’m glad you were all able to complete the application in such a short time frame. 

SHPO staff reviewed and scored the applications that we received.  I’m happy to report that we were able to select the four of you as partners for our grant application!  Brian Conway approved us moving forward with the grant application for an HSR for Gull Rock, Manitou Island, Stannard Rock, and Thunder Bay Island.  

The information you submitted is very helpful and will help us round out the application.  We have a good draft of the application and I will be working with Chelsea Sturza on our staff to complete it.  My goal is to submit the application on Friday, September 19.  This will give us a few days in case we run into glitches submitting the application via 

Thank you for the support letters and other support documentation you have already submitted.  I will contact each of you individually if there is any other information that I think will be useful for us to have for the application.  

I will be out of the office Thursday through Monday, but will be checking email.  Please let me or Chelsea know if you have any questions. 

So, we will keeping moving forward and hope for the best! 

Bryan Lijewski, AIA

Architect, State Historic Preservation Office

Michigan State Housing Development Authority


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Fall 2007 Newsletter


"Magnificent desolation," That is how early settlers described Thunder Bay Island. Those who visit the island today are captivated by its remarkable features, among which are:

* The second oldest lighthouse still standing on Lake Huron.

* A lifesaving station whose dedicated crews assisted in the   rescue of over 1,000 lives.
* A coast littered with the remains of ill-fated shipwrecks.

* A fishing colony that was home to Alpena’s earliest settlers.

* Legends of ghosts and mysterious currents that drew ships to their destruction.

* Rocks carved with the names of those who served at the island.

* Rare plant and animal life drawn to its unique "alvar" ecosystem.

These are a few of the compelling stories told in Lanterns & Lifeboats, researched and written by Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Preservation Society Historian Steve Tongue.

Beginning with the voyage of the Griffin in 1679, Thunder Bay Island has provided shelter along Huron’s "rock-bound shore," and its story mirrors our rich Great Lakes maritime heritage. Lanterns and Lifeboats connects the history "above the water line" with the Thunder Bay National Maritime Sanctuary’s latest effort to preserve and interpret the bay’s fascinating underwater archeology.

Featuring many rare historic photographs and original artworks, all proceeds from the sale of this book are pledged towards the restoration the preservation of the islands structures.

Copies of Lanterns & Lifeboats may be ordered directly from the Society at a cost of $14.95, exclusive of shipping charges.

Simply click the button to open an order form which can easily be printed, and sent to the Society along with your payment. Remember – all profits from the sale of the book go directly towards the restoration of the remaining historic structures on the island.

Publication of Lanterns & Lifeboats was made possible with funding from:

Community Foundation of N.E. Michigan
The Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs
The Cheboygan Area Arts Council
The Michigan Humanities Council
Wal-Mart Corporation.



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