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Huron Pines Partnership

Shoreline Boardwalk Project Timeline

Year 1, 2009

Develop plans and specifications for a pedestrian boardwalk commencing at the site of the former lifesaving station, and extending along the west shoreline to the point of intersection with the radio line trail.  Create material estimates.



Continue clearing brush from the former boardwalk area and radio trail line.

Supply all existing survey maps and related documents to Huron Pines.

Find and apply for funding to assist Huron Pines with personnel and planning costs.

Provide transportation to the island when necessary.

Huron Pines

Develop a blueprint.

Provide engineering services for the design.

Create scope of work and materials estimates.

Identify sensitive plants and geology impacted by the boardwalk.

Investigate sources for product donations.


Year 2, 2010

Present plan to U.S. Coast Guard, Michigan Historic Preservation Office, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Alpena Township to obtain all necessary permits and approvals. Finish brush clearing and ground preparation. Apply for grants for product costs. Begin building boardwalk surface sections.



Compile all documentation related to the boardwalk and present to appropriate government agencies for approval.

Apply for funding.

Oversee completion of site preparation.

Huron Pines

Recruit volunteers to assist in preparing the site and building components for surface walkway.

Continue to solicit donations of building materials.

Identify sources for pedestrian signs.


Year 3, 2011

Build boardwalk base, and install prefabricated surface sections to complete wooden area. Create and install signs.



Provide workforce for construction.

Provide boat transportation.

Huron Pines

Help provide volunteer workforce.



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