Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse Preservation Society


Progress on the fog signal roof

Fog Signal exterior roof is completed

As of today, September 6, 2018

The progress on the fog signal is now focused on the north side which isn't visible from the webcam shots.  The pictures taken recently of the actual shingles that are installed on the roof highlight the design of the metal shingle.  They're beautiful!  This project would never have gotten accomplished without the grant support from the Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program, Besser Foundation, and the undying belief that this light station and it's role in our maritime history is far too important for it not to be preserved.  

So It Begins!

The fog signal roof project began today, August 2, 2018.  We have some photos to share of the tedious process of mobilization.  All work on the island takes much more effort than a land based project, but we think it might be interesting for our followers to see just how difficult transporting equipment can be.  While it was a rainy day, the wave height wasn't too bad, but pulling a pontoon loaded with a transport boat and pump jacks can get real interesting!  The crew from Meridian Contracting are pros on land and water!

The Victorian metal shingles are now manufactured and awaiting transport from Texas.  The Meridian crew are getting the fog signal building prepared for the project.  We hope to see the shingles here in Alpena sometime around August 13-15th.

 Slow going!